Our Story

Let me tell you something, Old Sport...

Back in our day, the penny loafer was nothing more than the supporting role in a gentleman’s attire. Rarely ever seen, hardly even appreciated. It was a time where all attention and glory was reserved for swanky shirts or flashy ties. Even funky socks got their moment.

Lucky for you, sport, the dark ages are over. We’re now living in the Renaissance of penny loafers.

You have our owners, Sean and Cameron, to thank for that, whose vision of a needlepoint penny loafer possessed them to drain their savings account and go where no shoe had gone before.

Make no mistake; it was no easy cross to carry. This loafer would have to be of a quality unmatched by any other shoe at the time, so Sean and Cameron sought the help of legendary needlepoint guru, Seth. Together, they spent 3 years testing over 100 different materials to create what our feet now know as Old Sport Company.

These legendary loafers now bless the shelves of outfitters all across the nation; each pair a hand-stitched, 16-hour labor of love backed by the best customer care in the game. So go forth and wear them with pride, Old Sport, because the penny loafer’s day is finally here.