The Original Needlepoint Penny.


A pair for every occassion.


The only leather needlepoint loafer, made for her.

How It's Made

100% hand-stitched

It all begins with one single thread...

One panel requires 6-8 hours to hand-stitch, and up to 16 hours per pair. Our artisians display steadfast patience, and intense focus as their needle is pushed through each small opening in the canvas.


Our needlepoint panels are then sent to our craftsmen who hand select the finest, and supple calf skin leather. Once selected our loafers are assembled the old fashioned way - by hand.

The Old Sport Deal

When you buy anything from Old Sport Company, if you aren't happy, we're not done, and we mean it. We're here for you because, for us, business is always personal. Deal?

We're big fans of small details.

100% Hand-Stitched

We partnered with the best suppliers in the world to bring the Old Sport penny from just an idea, to life.