The penny loafer process takes the road less traveled in every stage of the process.

One panel requires 6 to 8 hours to stitch, and up to 16 hours per pair.  Old Sport artisans take great pride as they thread the needle through each opening in the canvas.  Steadfast patience and intense focus is displayed as each needlepoint panel gets closer to completion with each stitch.

Our needlepoint panels are then sent to our fantastic team in Brazil.  They hand select the finest supple calf skin leather that will later become the old sport penny.  Finally, each pair is assembled the old school way - by hand. Each pair is crafted for maximum comfort, stability, and durability to last year after year.  

Thank you for visiting our store and learning about our process.  We're grateful to have such wonderful customers and can't wait to continue sharing this journey with you!  Cheers, Old Sport.