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The Stars & Stripes
The Stars & Stripes
The Stars & Stripes
The Stars & Stripes
The Stars & Stripes

The Stars & Stripes

Size 8.0

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Product Details:
- 3MM Waxed Saddle Leather.
- Soft Cow Skin Lining Inside.
- Hand Stitched Needlepoint Uppers. 
The Stars & Stripes penny loafer fits true to size.  We recommend ordering the size you typically wear.

    the process

    Old Sport Penny

    Genuine Handsewn Construction. Tan Rubber Old Sport Sole. Unlined Form-Fitting Inner. Waxed Handsewn Thread and Stitching.

    Needlepoint Panels

    There are over 10,000 individual stitches in a typical shoe panel, so it's not uncommon to find something that makes each piece unique. We believe this is what makes a handmade product special, and unlike any other.

    Boat Sole

    Our Boat Soles are molded of Italian rubber to our specific standard. Notable for their lightweight and durability, these comfortable, non-marking soles provide comfort that lasts.

    Oiled Saddle

    The 3MM Oiled Saddle leather provides stability throughout from heel to toe. We chose this leather because it only gets better with time, and forms completely to your foot. We searched for two years to deliver this quality of leather - it was worth the wait.